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To Our Customers & Visitors...
Welcome to our Casters Homepage!

We know that good service is the cornerstone to enhance our business.

To meet your needs our staff knows casters, wheels, and material handling equipment very well.

We carry a large and varied inventory to save you both time and money, and we are constantly looking for better sources of supply to provide you with quality merchandise at very competitive prices.

If you are currently buying elsewhere, ask us for a quotation to compare with your existing source.  We have casters of all types, including: industrial casters, stainless steel casters, heavy duty casters, pneumatic casters, and furniture casters.


Quality Casters & Wheels

At Perlin we build and distribute durable casters and wheels.
For example we use hardened steel for the raceways, zinc coated steel to resist corrosion, and we use double bearings instead of single ones.

We know casters may not be the most critical component to you, as long as they work properly and reliably day in and day out.

Our job and experience is 100% dedicated to making them smooth, reliable and rugged. 

Easily look-up our complete Caster Listing and Wheel Listing or you can click an image to jump to that item directly.

If you can't find what you need, or you'd like some quick answers, our United States customers can call us toll free at 800-628-0844, or send us an e-mail or fax from anywhere in the world.

Hard Core Heavy Duty Casters

Perlin heavy-duty casters can handle just about any load, with capacities ranging up to 40,000 lbs each. Single wheel, double wheel, pneumatic, semi-pneumatic, v-groove, and more our heavy-duty casters have been effective in applications.

You will find most standard casters and wheels within the product pages of this web site. We can also provide great dollies, carts, hand trucks and pallet trucks and any other material handling equipment through our sister site.

We have been at this a long time, over 50 years in fact. We have the inventory, we have the expertise, we have earned a reputation for great service, and we value the opportunity to be a trusted supplier to your business.

Thank-you for visiting.

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